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(Frequently Asked Questions)


How to get there?


Bali has big International Airport located in Denpasar area (Between Kuta and Jimbaran). The Airport is serving around 20 million passengers per annum, mostly foreign tourist traffic. There are multiple direct connections to Bali from e.g. Europe, Australia and Asia. The Airport is also serving smaller budget airlines like Jet Star, Air Asia, Scoot, TigerAir, SilkAir.




At the airport


Like in any other major airports you will find many restaurants, currency exchange points, souvenir shops, airlines lounges, ATMs and more. Many of shops and restaurants are open till late hours so you can enjoy dinner and have some rest before the flights and relax.


Please note, it is required to fill immigration and customs forms – we suggest, you have it ready before landing (ask flight attendant for these), as filling these at the airport will take you some time and likely you will end in a longer queue. Complete these during your flight and try to cut the queue instead of spending your time waiting for immigration.


Most of the nationalities (around 140 countries currently) in Bali can enjoy visa on arrival valid for 30 days. We recommend to check with your national embassy, to avoid any confusion and surprises.


  • If you don’t need Visa on Arrival – you can directly move to immigration area. If you are not eligible for a free Visa, the cost of Visa on Arrival is 35 USD.

  • If you come for business to Bali and want to obtain Business Visa, you can still get it at the airport.   

  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months, from day of arrival and contain free page for sticker/stamp.

  • Please note that there are penalties for overstaying. If you want to extend your visa please work with an agent.

  • You will find the free WiFi at the airport in the passengers’ zone.  


Transport from the airport – taxis


There are recommended taxi providers at the arrival hall.

You can also consider Grab or Uber, which can be a cheaper option, however note that these providers are not allowed to enter arrival waiting area.

If you prefer, CameliaVillasBali to arrange a transport for you – feel free to let us know. We will ensure that your driver knows the way to the destination and the journey will be fast and smooth.


Internet in the villas


The villas are equipped with the Wireless Connection. Network is protected and you will be given connection details separately once you arrive. Please note that we don’t allow our guests to use our networks for any illegal activities according to Indonesian law. Please note that if you are using the network for illegal, prohibited content or to perform any actions like hacking, download of restricted intellectual property and publish/stream content that violates any 3rd party rights, Camelia Villas Bali may use legal tools, if any claims against us.  

If there are any issues with the WiFi connection at the villa please proceed as below:

  1. check whether the router is on

  2. unplug the router from the electricity network and plug again after 1 minute

  3. if there’s an issue with password please refer to the information given by the manager at the time of arrival

  4. if the password is correct – please contact our manager for assistance


Clothes to take


Bali is a tropical island so make sure you bring your summer clothes, flip flops and hats.

If you forgot something, worry not! You can buy all you need cheap in one of hundreds shops with local designs, everyone will find something for themselves.

Other personal belongings to take

  • snorkeling / diving accessories

  • sunscreen

  • AC adapters

  • chargers

  • power banks

  • aqua-shoes


When is the best time to come there?


Every single day of the year!!!

  • February - March – less crowded,

  • April, May, June – less humid

  • July,August – biggest waves, high season

  • September – dry, after high season

  • October, November – low season

  • December, January – high season




Generally Bali is a very safe place full of smiling and friendly locals and like minded tourists. However we recommend to keep in mind the following:

  • drugs are not allowed in Bali, don’t bring any prohibited drugs to the island. You will end in jail or you will pay with your life.

  • don’t try alcohol called arak, it may be dangerous to drink it

  • use Grab / Uber for transport. Ask the price before you enter the car.

  • Don’t ask for any discounts if you are not interesting in buying goods

  • Swim/surf only in beaches with lifeguards. Observe the signs and listen to instructions given by lifeguard if needed. Beware strong currents

  • consider aqua shoes to protect your feet against sharp corals

  • while violent crime is rare, pickpocketing is there, please keep an eye on your personal belongings.

  • never leave your belongings unattended on the beach

  • use torchlight at night

  • be careful with the traffic especially scooters




Travel Insurance is never a bad idea. You can find the best offers here:




Yellow fever vaccine is required If you have visited a country in the yellow-fever zone within the six days prior to entering Southeast Asia.

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